Top 6 Common Myths About Personal Loans You Should Ignore


A personal loan is a type of credit instrument that allows you to finance most big purchases and costs, such as an engagement ring or house renovations, at a cheaper interest rate than using a credit card. Online personal loans, as opposed to credit cards, provide borrowers with a one-time cash flow. Borrowers then repay that amount, known as the principle, together with the interest in regular monthly installments during the loan’s term.

Because of technological improvements, it now takes less than ten minutes to apply for a personal loan on the internet, where digital lenders provide a variety of personal loans. The entire procedure, from application to disbursement, takes less than a day, and the loans are frequently tailored to your specific needs.

The most widespread misperception regarding personal loans is that they are exclusively provided by banks. While banks are among the financial organizations that provide loans, there are also a number of non-banking financial businesses (NBFCs) that offer personal loans.

Whereas banks may reject an applicant’s loan application owing to stringent criteria, NBFCs and other digital lenders frequently accept applications from these borrowers at similar interest rates and with more customization.

  • Processing personal loans take a lengthy time.

Many potential borrowers decide not to apply for a personal loan because they believe the application procedure would take a long time and be tedious. This isn’t totally accurate in 2021, even though it could have been in the past.

Now, the entire procedure, from application to loan disbursement in your account, may be completed in 24 to 48 hours. It simply need a portable device and a few minutes to complete the application online and upload the necessary papers.

  • A low credit score results in a loan denial.

Although a poor credit score may affect the outcome of your loan application, it does not ensure that it will be denied. Although it is a need for approval, lenders also take other aspects into account, including age, income, the veracity of papers, the fixed obligation to income ratio, etc.

Lenders may have different credit standards and qualifying requirements, but in order to approve a loan, they primarily consider your capacity and willingness to repay.

  • Collateral is required for personal loans.

Personal loans are unsecured loans that don’t demand collateral, necessitating the least amount of paperwork. This is also one of the main reasons that obtaining a personal loan is simple and quick.

  • Only those who are employed may apply for personal loans.

It’s a prevalent misconception that only salaried employees with regular income are qualified to apply for personal online loans. However, those who work for themselves and run their own businesses can also get personal loans.

The decision to grant credit is made based more on the borrower’s borrowing capacity and ability to repay the loan on time than on their occupation.

  • Getting a personal loan can only make your debt load worse.

It seems sensible that you wouldn’t want to add to your debt load by taking out a personal instant loan at a time when you already have debt. However, you may refinance all of your debt, including credit card debt and numerous loans, using a personal loan. This will consolidate all of your debt and allow you to make one set monthly payment that fits your cash flow needs.

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