Things you need to know to keep your pets safe around fireworks


We humans can think fireworks are spectacular, but our furry friends are really not a fan of fireworks. The loud bangs, explosions and bright flashes are a terrifying experience for your pets and they can cause them anxiety and stress. Fortunately, there are simple hacks that can help your pet de-stress.

Six ways to make your pet feel comfortable

There are several ways to make your pet feel comfortable, below mentioned are a few of the most recommended ways:

  • It is very important to keep pets inside when fireworks are going off outside. Close all the windows and the curtains; this will help soundproof the house. If you have a cat or dog, it is better to lock the pet flap. This will prevent them from getting out and running away. If you keep your pet outside, make sure you check the fencing and other boundaries and barriers. Many pets go missing because of poor fencing.
  • Don’t leave your pets alone at home. If you can’t get your pet, ask your friend to take care of your dog or take it to a dog care centre if you are going out. Like humans, pets also seek comfort in the company in times of distress. Leaving them alone can make them destructive or more stressed.
  • Turn on the TV or the radio when the loud noises begin as they will reverberate inside the house. Turning on the radio and television will not only mask the loud noises outside, but it will also be a familiar sound for your pet which will help them calm down. You can also talk to them using a calm, reassuring voice. If you talk to them, it will reassure them they are not alone and it will help them remain calm.
  • Give your pet tasty treats. Giving them tasty treats in such stressful situations will reduce their stress and anxiety. For example, you can give your dog a chew toy that can keep them occupied for hours. For your cats, you can get catnip or puzzle chew balls that will keep them occupied.
  • Act normal. Your furry buddies are very intelligent, they can perceive things by the way you are acting. So we always recommend you act completely normal around your pets when loud fireworks are going on outside.
  • If you encounter a fireworks display nearby while you are out with your dog, go back home. Take your dog out for a walk in the morning hours instead.

It is important to take extra care of your dog and cat during the firework season. Animals are not comfortable with loud noises or bright flashes of light, especially many at a time. Make sure you have cat insurance and dog insurance for the pet of your choice. These fireworks times can be very stressful and your pet might fall sick or injure itself, so immediately take them to the vet if you observe any unusual behaviour.

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