The Coverages Of The 2nd Class Insurance Thanachart


The law states that motor insurance is compulsory. You cannot take your vehicle for a ride unless it has an insurance policy coverage. There are only two ways you can get the insurance policy, either hire an agent or get in touch to any insurance company. But there are different types of insurance one can choose. One being  ประกันชั้น 2 ธนชาต .

What does the second class insurance cover?

To know whether the second class insurance policy is well suited for your car or not, you need to understand its coverage. The ประกันชั้น 2 ธนชาต covers: 

  • Accident.
  • Vehicle collision.
  • Lost car.
  • Fire damages.
  • Flood damages.
  • Accidents of drivers or passengers.
  • Terrorism impact.
  • Medical expenses of drivers and passengers.
  • Bailing charges of the driver during a criminal case.
  • Any property damages.

Is it premium insurance?

It is premium insurance, which is perfect for cars that are older than four years. Life is a series of too many unexpected events. You never know when you will face a problem. And it is also not possible to be prepared for every bid or small incidents in your life. Sometimes they take you by surprise, and you need to face it with whatever you got. The second class insurance is designed to take on those moments in life. The policy is specifically made to deal with the costs after an accident, be it a vehicle collision, hail storm or fire. The best part about this insurance is that it not only looks after the cars but their drivers and passengers as well. Medical treatments are getting way expensive as days go by. Without backbone support, it sometimes feels impossible to pay those medical bills. Moreover, it is something that you cannot avoid either. If you get into an accident, you need immediate treatment, and it will cost you some heavy sum of money. The second class insurance will also cover that. And it not only takes care of the driver but the passengers.

Having an understanding of this insurance will let you distinguish between the other insurance. Thus you will get a clear picture and can decide on your own, which insurance policy fits best for your car. Even though your hired insurance agent will guide nonetheless. But it is always better to learn and have knowledge before you go and have the policy talk. In this way, you can clear your doubts and be sure about your decision.

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