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LH-Crypto is a project of the Larson&Holz company, which combines the broker’s investment tools and a crypto currency.

At the end of 2017, Larson&Holz conducted the Initial coin offering, which attracted the attention of a large number of investors who have invested more than 10 million dollars in the project. The broker’s activity is aimed at expanding the client base, involving traders from crypto communities into the exchange trade.

On many issues in the crypto trade, brokers significantly bypass the currency exchange, as they give their customers expanded opportunities and simplified terms of cooperation. There is even a certain tendency of transition to services of retail brokers.

The broker is adapted for crypto traders, so the LH-Crypto trading services are very specific and extraordinary. For example, the leverage on crypto lots is 1:100, which makes virtual currency the most profitable financial instrument.

Due to the high leverage and fractional lots, the broker makes it possible to trade contracts, the amount of which significantly exceeds the deposit. The minimum amount when opening an account is 10 euros. Such an account is called “Start”, it is intended for beginners who only learn the basics of trading. For experienced and professional traders, there are Standard and Pro accounts. However, all accounts have high leverage and a full portfolio of investment instruments.

You can open an account on the most popular and reliable crypto currencies, the list of which is constantly growing (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Monero, DASH, Ripple, NEO). Clients who do not have a virtual currency at their disposal can replenish their account with fiat currency – the euro. Replenishment is made by bank transfer, using a plastic card, through the payment system WebMoney/Qiwi. Money is transferred at the rate of the selected virtual currency. So that the client does not lose part of the money, the broker transfers to his account trade bonuses that cover the commission that the bank or the payment system withdrawn during the transfer. In case of transfer of a large fiat sum to the account, LH-Crypto provides verification using the Know Your Client technology. Thanks to this, client finance is securely protected.

The broker introduces various exclusive functions in order to save the funds of its clients:

  1. The minimum commission for processing a client order (from 0.14%);
  2. The Rolling Swap mechanism, which removes the swap 24 hours after the order is opened, and not at midnight when a new day arrives;
  3. Transactions when depositing / withdrawing funds are not subject to commission.

Crypto trading takes a leading position due to the impressive selection of trading tools presented in LH-Crypto. Currency pairs: 55 crypt, 50 fiat, synthetic pairs of crypt and resources / raw materials / metals. Shares of famous brands, trading in CFDs in energy carriers, precious metals, various raw materials, crypto and various foreign currencies.

The technical equipment of the service is also at a high level. The developers have introduced a modern MetaTrader5 trading terminal into the system. That is why a trader of any level will be satisfied with the work of a broker.

The broker has taken care of all his clients, so for traders from Arab, Asian and Latin American countries, as well as for all who want to open an impersonal account, this opportunity is provided. LH-Crypto impersonates its client, protects it from the law, which strictly prohibits crypto currency trading and trading.

Tools, conditions and exclusive offers are due to the huge business experience of Larson&Holz. Now LH-Crypto is the only crypto broker that successfully operates and expands its borders.

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