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How to Successful Trade Stock on Metatrader4


For anyone who has traded stocks for a while, it is easy to agree that stock trading is not the easiest way to make money.

The most challenging part about stock trading is investing in companies that guarantee to beat the stock market to make money. For this to happen, a trader needs knowledge and experience when it comes to reading market fluctuations.

Learning how to trade stocks effectively is not enough. You will need to use the best stockbroker or trading platform to be able to make money. Making a decision can be difficult with so many options in the market. You can avoid having to choose when you download mt4, as it is one of the best platforms for traders around the world.

If you want to master the art of trading stocks with success here are some timely tips to perfect your trading.

Avoid emotional trading 

Successfully trading stocks is seldom connected to a person’s intelligence but more on their emotional intelligence. One of the most costly mistakes traders make is involving emotions while trading.

According to warren buffet, one of the best stock market investing experts, successful stock traders use their heads and not their hearts when trading stocks.

Over activity trading controlled by emotions is the easiest way to hurt a portfolio. Whenever you trade stocks, involving your emotions clouds your decision-making. Whenever emotions lead your judgment when trading, it is best to consider abandoning trade.

Plan ahead

Over time, it is usual for investors to change, sell stocks, and buy new ones. While this is not a bad trading strategy, it is only ideal when the market is right and a wrong decision when done in the heat of the moment.

Selling stocks without proper planning can make you a victim of the investing gaffe where traders buy high and sell low. To prevent this, journaling is recommended for all your stock trades.

Whenever you buy a stock, write it down in a journal, including reasons you think the stock is ideal for your portfolio, reasons for choosing it, and the most ideal circumstances for selling in the future.

Always refer to your journal whenever you consider selling any of your stocks and only sell when the trade favors your portfolio.

Pick a business not just a number

When you buy company stocks, you automatically part owner since you own share percentage. When shopping for stocks to invest in, you will come across a lot of information and data from potential business investments. Looking at this information from a business buyer’s perspective as opposed to a stock investor can make it easier to decide.

 Invest some time to learn how a prospect company operates and the role it plays in its market. Learn about the long-term goals, competitors, and only invest if it adds value to your portfolio.

Ideal stock buying strategies

Buying in thirds

This strategy divides the funds into three. These thirds are invested in three different trade entry points when buying shares. For instance, you can choose to invest one third in shares before a product hits the market and invest the other third and part of the final third into the company only when the product is a success.

Dollar-cost average

This is simply investing a pre-set amount of find on a regular basis. This can be once a week, once a month, annually or semi-annually, or whenever you want to. Part of the dollar-cost average funds can be used to buy shares when rates are low, and a few more when the rates are high.

The purpose of this strategy is evening out the average price you pay for shares. With the best brokerage firm, you should be able to set up an automatic investing schedule for this strategy.

Buy the basket

If you have a clue of the companies likely to become major hits in the future, you can invest in them in the present. Buying a basket of stocks from potentially successful companies of the future prevents the pressure of picking one from a pool of potentially successful companies. This ensures you do not miss out when the companies become a hit.

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