How to Find Out Unclaimed Money


Every year hundreds of thousands of individuals across the United States leave their family relative friends and birthplace to follow a dream to start another life and consequently locate. In the process of this, thousands of Americans lose their contact by choice or by chance with the fleeting of time.

Where to Look for Unclaimed money and property

Rather than allow all the money that is separated from owners to just sit around, the state government uses it to fund other important projects.

However, do not worry, there is still a lot of money that is kept at hand for individuals looking to reclaim their lost funds. Here are some of the places to look for your unclaimed money.

Unclaimed Funds by state

In the United states of America, there is no national database for missing money. To see if you have any unclaimed money from pensions, life insurance policies and social securities, you have to search by your state of residence.  See a list of 7 most popular states to get you started:

  1. FloridaUnclaimed funds
  2. CaliforniaUnclaimed Money
  3. Unclaimed money alabama

Old Bank Accounts

Another place to look out for unclaimed money is on your old bank accounts. The above listed sites can actually help you to direct funds from your old bank accounts. If you have any dealings with the credit union, you can check the National credit union administration for unclaimed funds to see if you left any unclaimed money behind.

Back wages

 The wage and hour division of the Department of Labor offer USA citizens a nice tool for back wages. This tool allows them to see their past employers owe what wages to them.

Pensions and retirement benefits

For certain individuals that have worked with a company in the USA that offered pension, you can check out the  Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp.’s unclaimed pension search tool, to see if you left behind any pension benefits. To do this, just enter the name of the company you worked for and check to see if you are enlisted there.

Tax refunds

Sometimes, the IRS can owe you a tax refund. When you see this, you have to act fast and reclaim your money. You have just three years to file a claim for your refund before it becomes the property of the state treasury. To do this, visit the IRS Where’s My Refund tool, key in your SSN, filing status and the tax refund amount.

VA life insurance funds

In the situation where you are a former policy holder or beneficiary of a life insurance policy that is provided by the department of veteran affairs you can make good use of the unclaimed funds search tool to know whether you are owed any unclaimed money.

Savings bonds

In times past, you could visit the Treasury Direct website and search for stolen, lost or destroyed savings bonds. Today, the only way to do this is to fill out a form and mail it.

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