How to Apply for SBI Credit Card: Offers, Rewards, & Payment


SBI credit cards bring with them a slew of benefits that make the process of buying ordinary products a lot more exciting. Read on to understand how to apply for an SBI credit card, make a payment and the credit card offers and rewards it provides.

Apply for SBI Credit Cards

 SBI credit cards can be applied for in a straightforward and easy manner as is evident below.

  1. Visit the Website -Visit the Finserv MARKETS website online.
  2. Details Required – Fill out a few pertinent details.
  3. Examine Card Options – Consider the varied SBI credit cards on offer and compare these options.
  4. Select a Card – Select an SBI credit card that works best for you, and you think you would enjoy the most.
  5. Submit Details – Submit your application form and expect a response from the Bank shortly.

It is important to understand the eligibility requirements in place for each credit card on offer and

Making SBI Credit Card Payments

 SBI credit card payments can be made online as well as offline and are as follows.

  1. Online Payments
  • Auto Debit
  • BillDesk
  • IMPS
  • Mobile Banking
  • NACH
  • NEFT
  • Online SBI
  • PayNet-Pay Online
  • Paytm
  • UPI
  • Visa Credit Card Pay
  • YONO
  1. Offline Payments
  • You can make payments over the counter at an SBI Bank branch nearest to you.
  • You can make ATM payments.
  • You can use a manual or electronic Dropbox.

Understanding the SBI Credit Card Rewards and Offers

 SBI credit cards offer an array of rewards which have been explored below.

  • 1 reward point is provided for each INR 100 spent – Applicable on the SimplySAVE SBI Card, the SimplyCLICK SBI Card, and the BPCL SBI Card.
  • 2 reward points are provided for each INR 100 spent – Applicable on the SBI Card PRIME and the SBI Card ELITE. In the case of the latter, fuel expenses are not credited with reward points.
  • 1 reward point is provided for each INR 125 spent barring fuel – This is applicable on the IRCTC SBI Platinum Card.

Each of the aforementioned cards also offer accelerated SBI Card rewards which vary based on the card in question and reward points on offer. Visit Finserv MARKETS for a more thorough understanding of the same.

Accelerated rewards can be generated in the following ways for the following cards (although the reward points for each may vary).

  • 10 reward points for purchases made at grocery or department stores, dining, and movies – Applicable to the SBI Prime Credit Card, the SimplySAVE SBI Card, and the SBI ELITE Credit Card.
  • Online expenditures result in 5 times the rewards while 10 times the reward points are applicable when purchases are made with exclusive partners for the SimplyCLICK SBI Card.


 SBI credit cards are exciting for a number of reasons which include the ease with which they can be applied for and the rewards they offer. Visit Finserv MARKETS for a more thorough understanding of all that they can be used for.

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