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Gaming is an immensely popular activity among today’s generation, which can be accessed through a PC or smartphone. People who often like playing games are commonly referred to as ‘’gamers’’. The major chunk of the gaming market consists of people playing games on their smartphones since it is a great way to pass the time, and one can make the best out of their leisure time through playing games.

Gamers can be of 2 types – Casual and Hardcore. A casual gamer is someone who doesn’t play games every day or plays a low-intensity game. An instance of a casual gamer can be someone who plays puzzles or word games on their device and does other activities like watching TV or traveling. On the other hand, a hardcore gamer daily plays video games,  shooter games, etc. like Raid: Shadow Legends and much more. Such a type of a gamer regularly devotes time to games and plays many games but particularly concentrates on a type of game that they specifically enjoy the most.

Video games can either be played alone or with friends. With the easy internet access available widely, playing games with other people is now becoming an extremely popular concept.

Single-player games are played alone, taking the player through a story or to a thrilling adventure. Often, a series of games and challenges are provided, making the game even more interesting and progressive with each passing level. The majority of the games follow a single-player campaign, but they might also contain a multiplayer element in them.

Multiplayer games are played along with a small group, generally between 2 to 100 players at a time. These are designed competitively and can be played within the same room or through the Internet. Some multiplayer games have a cooperative mode, too, wherein two or more players team up together to overcome a challenge instead of fighting against each other in a battle.

Gaming is usually done on three main types of platforms – a PC, a mobile device, or a video game console. The benefits associated with gaming are huge, as gaming helps promote cognitive growth and enhances spatial reasoning. Some games designed to promote educational or informative content can also teach impactful lessons to the player, which are also popularly referred to as ‘’edutainment’’ or ‘’educational software’’.

Also, a huge variety of Robot games such as Mech Arena have become a part of every imagined vision of the future and are available online. Some of the most well-known ones include Mech Arena, Terminator Genisys: Future War, etc.

There are several reasons to play robot games online:

  • Improves skill and planning
  • Develops a sense of logic and tactics
  • It provides variety and facilitates escapism

Then there is Robot Warfare, a free, quick, and competitive fire robot game having incredible PvP team combats, deep battle tactics, and unlimited customization.

Everyone can play mech and robot games since this genre is very wide and inclusive. Be it storybook adventures or all-out action; there is something for everyone in the store. If you are into playing technology and tactical combat-related games, there are robot fighting games as well. As long as you are a true gamer, there will always be a robot game for you.

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