5 Ways To Fund Your Home Improvements 


Owning your own home means that sometimes you have to put money into repairs and upgrades.  You can live in one home for your whole life, but that doesn’t mean the structure has to stay the same.  

There’s always room for improvement, but improvement does cost money.  You may need a new roof, or you’ve encountered issues with the plumbing.  

Whatever the case may be, finding the dough to back the work can prove challenging.  Arm yourself with a little knowledge before you start spending money, and check out a few ways to comfortably fund your home improvement agenda now.  

Start a savings account for renovations 

You could get some things done around the house with a lot of patience and hard work.  Set up a savings account just for the house, and dump a little dough in it every time you get paid.  

Eventually, you’ll have enough money to take out one or several of the things on your to-do list.  Of course, saving the money yourself will take time, and some renovation projects simply don’t have time on their side.  

Consider a personal loan 

If you have decent credit, you can always consider taking out a personal loan.  There are several ways to go about acquiring a personal loan, and some of them may be easier than others.  

If you need a new bathroom design with a 3D walkthrough, then you’ll need enough money to make sure the job is quality.  PayPal offers users a decent lending program that’s worth investigating.  You could also try to acquire a loan from your personal bank.  

Draw money from your 401(k)

Working hard at a steady career could also be the foundational element that funds your next home improvement project.  If you have a 401(k) retirement savings plan, you could opt to use some of that money to fix up your house.  

Take caution, though, and keep your retirement in mind as you dip into your funds.  You don’t want to end up having no plan for income after you’re done working for a living.  

Home equity lending will help

Consider the equity you’ve already built while you have owned your home.  You could be in a position to get a HELOC (home equity line of credit) in play to pay for your improvement work.  You could also take out a home equity loan.  The two work a little differently, so make sure you fully research each path before making any decisions.  

Credit cards are an option

Using your credit cards could be a really smart move, as long as you have a plan and the income to pay off the debt quickly.  Credit cards are a powerful tool for boosting your financial status, but misuse of them can get you in hot water fast.  

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